How does the My Trip section work?

Modified on Wed, 31 May 2023 at 09:58 AM

In this section, you can view the Trip file that saves all your trains. If you wish, you can create additional trips by tapping the '+' icon. However, only one trip can be used with your Pass, indicated by the Passport icon and your name. Multiple trips can be useful for saving different itineraries, but make sure to save the final itinerary to the Pass-connected Trip.

Next to the name of your trip, you will find three dots that offer the following options:

  • Edit the name of your trip: You can change the default name to a name of your choice by tapping on Edit, entering a new name, and saving the changes.
  • Duplicate the trip: This allows you to create an extra trip for researching a different itinerary. However, please note that this additional trip is not linked to your Pass; only the main trip is connected.
  • Show in widget: This option creates a widget that you can add to your phone's Home screen for quick access to your trip.
  • When you tap on your trip, you can see all the trains you have saved in the Planner section. To add a train to your trip, click on '+ Add another journey,' which will take you to the Planner section where you can search for new trains.

It's important to note that if your Pass is not yet activated, you will see an overview of all the trains you have saved. Once you activate the Pass, the QR code symbol next to each train allows you to add it to your Pass. However, remember that adding a train to your Pass will count the travel day as used, even if you don't end up traveling on that specific day. Be cautious and only activate a travel day or add a train to your Pass when you're certain you'll use it.

If a train crosses your own country of residence, a popup will ask you to mark that travel day as an outbound/inbound trip. Restrictions on traveling in your home country can be found in the provided information.

If you change your mind and decide not to use a train, simply swipe left to remove it from your Pass. Additionally, you will need to deactivate the travel day separately in the My Pass section of the Rail Planner App.

In the top-right corner of your Trip, you will find three dots that offer the following options:

  • Share as image: This allows you to send an image of your itinerary on a map, which can be useful when contacting the Interrail Customer Service.
  • Share as link: This option enables you to share the train details of your itinerary with relatives or others who want to stay updated on your travels.
  • Edit trip: You can change the name of your trip using this option. However, please note that the ability to connect your trip to a different Pass is currently not active.
  • Remember, if you decide not to use a train, remove it from your Pass by swiping left and deactivate the corresponding travel day separately.

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